02 Dec

Russian filmmaker Sokurov asked Putin to release Sentsov

Russian film director Alexander Sokurov asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to release Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, accoding to gazeta.ru


“As a citizen of Russia and a director, I have a big favor to ask you cordially, Vladimir Vladimirovich: let us solve the issue of Oleg Sentsov,” Sokurov said.

He noted that his Ukrainian collegue was sentenced to 20 years in a strict regime colony. According to Sokurov, it is a shame that Russia has still not resolved the situation. “I beseech you to find a solution to this problem,” the film director noted.

Sokurov said that if Ukrainian film director Sentsov has a different political point of view, he should compete with him at the film festivals rather than be jailed in the Russian “virtually Arctic” prison.

“Questions of this kind should be dealt by judicial systems. He was convicted not for his creative work, but for the fact that he performed some other functions, as our investigative agencies say. An intention and the preparation of illegal actions. No one has condemned him for his political stance and views,” said Putin.

Sokurov added that “mercy is above justice.”

“We can take advantage of a particular procedure, but there should be certain conditions for it,” Putin claimed.

The Russian President concluded that “this is a sensitive issue,” and he would “have it in mind.”