25 Nov

Solidarity with Olexandr Kolchenko: Call for the International Action Day


On 26 November 2016 (Saturday) Olexandr (Sasha) Kolchenko, an anarchist and civic rights activist from Crimea, will turn 27. It will be his third birthday in Russian jail.


In May 2014 Olexandr (together with a film maker Oleh Sentsov and two more persons) was arrested by officers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), shipped from Crimean territory to Russia and accused of “preparing terrorist attacks”. Kolchenko has been ultimately sentenced to 10 years of the high security prison camp, and Sentsov – to 20 years.

Olexandr and Oleh, their friends and human rights defenders insist that the case against them is fabricated. They were put behind bars for active participation in protests against Russia’s ’ilitary invasion in Crimea.

“Solidarity Committee” initiative from Kyiv, Ukraine, holds a support action for Olexandr Kolchenko on 26 November – and calls all those who do not want to indifferently stand by to join in solidarity. By street protests, petitions or other events and actions we suggest to greet Sasha with his birthday and to show Russian authorities that he is not forgotten, and that activists demand his immediate release. Every next person’s efforts and participation increase a chance that Olexandr celebrates his next birthday as a free person, with his comrades and friends.

More on the case: http://solidarityua.info/en/

“Solidarity Committee”