20 Oct

Solidarity with Sentsov and Kolchenko from Paris

Paris, October 9: Syrian, Ukrainian, Russian and French activists held a joint protest against the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Syria and Ukraine.


Photo – Pierre Rimbaud.

The protest was scheduled for the day of Vladimir Putin’s planned arrival in Paris opening “Orthodox spiritual and cultural center.” The visit was ultimately canceled.

The protest, however, took place. There were different slogans, like “Long live the struggle of the Syrian and Ukrainian peoples! Long live freedom and democracy in Syria and Ukraine! Putin is the culprit! Say no to cooperation with dictators! International solidarity!”

Maksym Butkevych, Solidarity Committee representative, held a speech during the protest. He stressed the importance to remember the victims of repression and the prisoners, the strong need to support them, particularly mentioning Alexander Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov. Maksym Butkevych called for solidarity with refugees and immigrants. The rally ended with general chanting «La solidarité internationale!» (“International solidarity!”)


The text of the protesters (in French, Arabic, and Ukrainian) is available on the FB page of the event.